A Soliloquy of Love



In the middle of the night, I awoke, startled by the feelings within me. I searched and searched my mind, only to discover that I was awoken by the desire to see him whom I love. Leaning by the window-side, in my heart I inquired and searched for him, begging and calling him to show me his face. I so much desire him that I began shedding tears.

Betrayed by my tears, I thought; my actions absurd, only to remember the story of the Shullamite woman who went all out at night, searching for her beloved. She was taken and beaten by the night guards, but still, in her resoluteness, she went in search of her lover.

Then I gasped knowing fully well that I need not wander through the empty streets at night, looking for he whom I love; for in my desperation, he calmly reminded me that he is with and within me.

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The Only Needful Thing


There are many things we are cumbered with which will debar us from the ONE thing that is needful.

When you come to Jesus, many doors will be opened to you but we must enter through the right door.

You can either ‘do for God’ or listen at His feet and hear Him talk. (Luke 10:40-42).

You can use Jesus’ love to cater for natural things; but there is a higher demand God expects from us to Him.

The primary aim of Jesus is for us to be with Him.

One thing that is enough to solve other things around us is eternal life!

If you cannot hear Christ, you cannot ‘do’ for Him.

Jesus chose the disciples that they might be with Him primarily.
There is a word we have to hear before we can do anything on God’s behalf.

You must be a listener whose ears have been developed to hear God’s thoughts than being a doer.

You cannot chart a new course again; every course has been charted, you are only aligning with your kind.

Inheritance is in the house, not on the field. You must abide in the house to lay hold on inheritance.

Esau was so busy hunting and never had time to be at home to learn.

Isaac’s love for Esau was conditional, it was based on the venison Isaac eats unlike Rebekah’s love which is unconditional!

We must not just love to do things; we must know the intents behind what we are doing.

Love is in intimacy, God must look at us and find us with Him.

God is not raising busy people; He is raising people of inheritance who have living relationship with Him.

Whatever you do on the basis of intimacy will always be perfect because you understand intents and intentions.

God talks but not talkative person. He converts us with His Word until we become one with Him in fellowship.

We must love God’s word and also love interaction with Him – fellowship.

God wants those who will sit down and listen to Him because He has many things to say.

When we give attention to hearing, we become like Him whose words we hear.

The closest is the highest in divine ranking and you cannot fight this.

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God’s Dream and Its Interpretation.

The Vision & Prophecy Sat.4th Nov. 2017

You cannot bring the rain of righteousness without preaching.
As a minister of the New Testament, you must not trust in yourself.

A decree had be given to humanity either to live or die, just like Nebuchadnezzar’s decree to the wise men to either tell his dream with the interpretation or die.

The times we are living in now is a time to beseech the mercy of God to find the dream and the interpretation.

What makes us believers is access to the King of heaven to whom belongs all interpretation.

It is only mercy that can bring us the interpretation of the vision so that we will not perish.

The allocation in the gospel is about His vision – the Son who is the only answer for this time.

Jesus is the dream of the Father and anyone who does not have access to Him is condemned already.

The Son is a vision that needs interpretation and our job is to interpret the vision.

It is not enough to know the dream or the vision; what is essential is to be able to interpret the Son.

We need to be able to read the Son and run with His will.

God will choose the place of name rather than the place of fame.

The Temple was a place of fame, but Bethany, where Jesus often resorted, is a place of names.

God, as a Father in heaven, wants to also have sons on earth.

There is a state of Godhood we cannot experience except we understand and come into Fatherhood of God.

The only entity of the Godhead that can come into visibility is the Word.

God is a Spirit and His dwelling is in the spirit; if you claim you saw God, it was the Son you saw.

The Word is the interpreter of God’s dream; He is the One who carries Trinity’s nature.

God’s dream cannot be interpreted without the Son.

In heaven, Jesus is the Word but He was made flesh to mirror God and embody man.

The gospel is the dream and the interpretation of the man Christ Jesus.

The Word is a person but His nature is in speaking.

Whatever God speaks is for the purpose of sending a picture which is the vision that brings salvation.

A word can change your situation, but a word cannot change your inner nature.

The one who is blessed by the Word is the one who inherits the Word.

What can save man is the Word – the entire embodiment of God’s Person which is Logos.

We have received a measure of Logos; We need to receive more of Logos until we have all of Logos!

There are still Three that bear witness in heaven because the Logos came to earth and went back as Logos.

You cannot be born with perfection, you have to inherit it.

Jesus did not die for nothing; His going through the cross was the pathway for Jesus to inherit the ultimate glory.

Sonship is inheriting the Word.

The highest vision you can get in life is to get the vision of the Son and His interpretation.

Our business, like Jesus at twelve, is seeking the Will of the Father.

The only thing that is mystery of God is how to generate sons. (1 Tim. 3:16).

A gentilic life is a life of trouble because it is always seeking how to solve natural problems.

Heaven is waiting to receive sons into glory.

The entire content of the Bible is the revelation of the Word which is to change man from flesh into spirit.

The matters of the King are the words of the King.

A man’s thought is his life and future and what he ultimately becomes.

Jesus warned us against thoughts and We must not take thoughts that are not from above.

When a thought comes to you and you do not pay attention to it, it goes.

Strongholds, imaginations and high things are made up of thoughts.

You ascend higher when you know the thoughts, things or programmes of God.
The Word is a combination of thoughts.

We cannot relate with some thoughts because a level of preparation is required to access them.

The things we have heard are thoughts which we must give earnest heed to.

We process thoughts with thoughts and sometimes the thoughts of God win over our thoughts and vice versa.

You cannot leave your thoughts by yourself, you need the help of the Holy Ghost.

When you break into a new day, some thoughts will pass away in your life and new thoughts and programs will begin to run you.

A whole generation can be misled and put on a journey of misinterpreted dreams.

The blessedness of the Scriptures is that the Holy Ghost can take them and unveil them to us.

There is a distance between what the Scriptures say and the power of God.
You may know the Scriptures and not have the power to make it a reality in your life.

The beginning of the gospel is to prepare your heart to be able to receive the thoughts or things of God.

The gospel of the Kingdom is not the same as healing of the body; we must be able to discern these two.

The good work which God has begun is IN us not ON us.
The Holy Ghost is given to take care of us based on God’s will, not based on our needs.

The word of healing is not taught, it is sent. But the word of the Kingdom has to be taught.
Jesus healed; He did not teach healing. It is the Eastern religions that teach healing.

If you are anointed to heal, just lay hands and walk away; do not tabernacle there or make a fuss of it.

Our job is to write the vision and make it plain; not to stay with one aspect of our lives by which we can be ensnared and our progress stopped.

God wants truth to move from being WITH us into being IN us.

Every cry must contain a message; to the multitudes, Jesus proclaimed the message of repentance; but to the disciples, He taught and preached.

Souls are converted by teaching and preaching; not by reading.

There must be a residing Teaching Priest in every assembly so that the power of God can flow into the people.
To be able to turn many to righteousness, you must have been turned yourself.

Like Jesus, we must fulfill all righteousness – all righteous processes.

Jesus at Jordan was a stature of meekness; the Spirit came and remained upon Him as a sign of oneness with the Spirit.

There are two dimensions to the programme of Christ: His Lordship and Godhood. (Isa. 61:1-3, Luk. 4:18).

We have to be poor in the spirit for the Kingdom to find expression in us.

What makes a man are the things of his dream and what makes God are the things of His dream.

God does not release His treasure at once; he releases other things that will try your heart to see if you can receive the treasure.

God always checks whether we are poor in the Spirit, contrite and whether we tremble at His word.

To make us givers of life, God has to empty us of our riches.

The things we do in denial could further strengthen us in our false estate if not inspired by the Spirit.

Poverty of the spirit is what commends the treasure of heaven into you.

The thoughts of God are His wealth which He desires to share with us.

God does not wants beings in the Kingdom that will struggle with Him.

He will break our strength because man is too strong.

God will take us from the wells we are used to digging and take us to the well dug for us.

God will break our strength and bring us to eat of the things we have not planted.

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Needed Investment for Divine Treasure


It is one thing to choose life, it is another to lay hold on life; but it is good to first choose life.

Keeping God’s commandments is by choice.

What Jesus referred to as treasure is the Kingdom which is the one thing needful which Mary chose.

The treasure is what gives definition to the field. (Matt. 13:44).

Field without treasure is vanity.

If your field had no treasure, you had wasted an investment of a lifetime.

If we fail to make a choice to keep the treasure, we have wasted our life.

It is what you value that you keep.

Treasure is in heaven but it is not meant to remain in heaven.

Many are on earth but have journeyed to receive heavenly treasure.

There is a distance between having treasure in heaven and receiving the treasure in heaven.

Many have not made a choice for eternal life; they are not even in Martha’s class because they cannot hear when God calls.

The whole discourse of the gospel is all about treasure.

Treasure is God and not a house in heaven. The only house we have in heaven is God!

Some have trapped heavenly treasure while they were on earth; Paul was one of them. (1 Cor. 4:7).

The way to have treasure in heaven is to come and follow Christ. (Luke 18:22).

There is a process of receiving the Kingdom; it is in followership.

If you do not obey discipleship, you cannot be a son of God even if you claim it.

Kingdom is treasure and another word for treasure is eternal life.

You cannot have the Kingdom within you if you have not followed the processes of the Kingdom.

You are a product of what you keep.

The way you get a man to be like God is by giving him matters to keep.

The gospel is not counseling, it is instruction, a warning, a rebuke, a chastisement!

God wants us to relinquish what we have kept hitherto and begin to keep His matter.

You do not receive the Kingdom in one day, it is administered to you gradually.

God watches us to see how well we keep truth before He commits treasure into our hands.

The devil also tempts us and God allows him so that the true state of our hearts can be revealed.
God will discern and check your soul because He commits treasure to you.

Any day you feel that you have attained, you lose treasure because you are no longer a keeper.

If you claim you are dead to self, you should not be conscious that you are dead.

The way to ensure that we are truly dead to self is to go through the process of discipleship.

Discipleship is placed within the confines of the Church and your Pastor should be able to attest to your life.

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The Water Test of Love


God is beautiful and beauty can only be defined in His context.

If you are not beautiful on the inside, you cannot carry God.

We are becoming more beautiful because God is working on us from inside.

A proof of your love to God is that you will keep His commandments.

It is also God’s commandments that teach you to love Him.

You cannot love whom you do not know because love is a function of knowledge.

The more you love God, the more you know Him and invariably, the more you know Him, the more you love Him.

There is no shortcut to knowing God. We have to journey with Him to know Him.

The only way to abide in God’s love is to keep His commandments.

The New Testament places higher demands upon us which we cannot fulfill without the help of the Spirit.

What should drive us is the Word of God.

Do not be too excited about teaching; be excited about living what is taught!

God is leading us by His faith so that we can enter into His love.
We must love God’s people for God.

It is not easy to love because love is death to self.

The essence of God coming to us again and again is that He wants us to align with His commandment.

The temptations that come to you are based on what you have heard.

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Break the Jinx 3!

…I felt new and whole!

Exit of the Old Man!

Entry of the New Man!

It’s a New Dawn!

2 Corinthians 5:17: ‘Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away, behold all things are become new’.

Colossians 3:9-10: ‘…seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds; and have put on the new man, which is RENEWED in KNOWLEDGE after the IMAGE of HIM that created him;’

More often than less, we tend to be sentimental in making some decisions and taking certain steps that will do us real good, either as believers in the Lord Jesus or an unbeliever.

For unbelievers, you cannot break away from the hold of Satan if you do not accept the Salvation that is in Jesus Christ.

Believing He is the Son of God, in fact God Himself who came down to earth, took on human form, died that you might be saved from sin, delivered you from the claws of the devil and committed to reconciling you to God, the creator and master over all things, now and for all eternity, is the only guarantee of living WELL.

Living well is not having riches, fame, status and all other forms of human success and comfort. Living well is being at peace with GOD! So, if you have not by faith, confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and asked Him to take the control over your life, do it NOW!

For believers, it is expedient we are committed to knowing what life entails in Christ. Reason is, life there is a totally different ball game from the natural. We will remain in bondage, which needs no special prayer service or deliverance before it is lifted, except we are filled with the knowledge of Christ who has saved us as Colossians 3:9-10 put it.

John 8:32, ‘Ye shall know the Truth and the TRUTH shall make you FREE.

The reason believers wallow in sin, guilt, are overwhelmed by the works of the flesh and full of some erroneous beliefs is because we are not committed to knowing the Truth; we are not committed to growing and coming into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; we are FAITHLESS!

A line in Hillsong United’s Hosanna reads, ‘…break my heart from what breaks Yours…’

This, our pastors cannot do for us, neither can our loved ones, we are to (as Grace has been made available unto us to live righteously, pleasing our Lord), to mortify our flesh (Galatians 5:19-21) and live daily by the dictates of the Spirit as God’s own children indeed(Romans 8:14). Only by hearing the Word of God as His Spirit gives insight (not doctrines, men’s philosophies/ideologies, experiences) and living by the Understanding will break the jinx. The devil knows this and is doing all he can to ensure we remain under him.

Sin (going out of the Way i.e, Jesus) is not to have dominion over us anymore. All we need do is harness Grace, stand today and BREAK its hold through the knowledge of the TRUTH and experience freedom!

For where the Spirit is Lord, there is Liberty!

Eyes are opened,

The curse is broken,

As Christ is revealed!


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Break the Jinx 2!

…I looked up at him with disgust written all over my face and I wondered what I ever saw in him in the first place.

How could I have been so blind, fallen for his deception, loved him, allowed him run my life for over a decade? Gosh! I felt so angry with myself.

“Do you hate me that much?”

He asked.

“That’s too light for the likes of you, Mr. I detest you; your presence here is appalling to me. I …”

“You don’t have to say it.” He replied with pain, sensing I was about telling him off, forever.

“I will leave.” He replied.

“And with all your THINGS!” I stressed.

He was shocked. I knew he never believed I could part with his ‘good life’. The things he has bought me in the years we have been together. Yes, those years have been good in a way, with all the money to spend, high class status, nose-in-the-air kind of life. In fact, life was all about us. We didn’t care an inch about others, those who tried to stop us, we crushed; took things to ourselves when we willed it; it felt like life couldn’t be better until I met him, my New Man…

“Is he that perfect?”

The question came out of the blues and I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. I looked at my Old Man with a grin that tells him he doesn’t have a right to ask.

“He can give you all I have given you and much more?” He asked further.

I laughed at his face. Did he refer to his things as something?

“You didn’t give me anything, Mr Old. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING YOU CAN GIVE!” I spat at him.

He looked at me like I have lost it and couldn’t believe all those years with me are wasted, now. I pointed my finger to the direction he came in from.

“NOW, be gone, with all your things, and forever!”

He turned hurriedly, as if afraid I would go violent if he stayed a second longer. I sat back on my chair, to my little book, in my cosy garden.

Footsteps! I heard, far away. Hurried ones! Strange, they’ve become and ever will be.

The spell is cast off!

The curse is broken!

…to be continued…

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