5626367-Praying-Black-Woman-Stock-Photo-prayer‘’Lord, I want to live for you. Come, take my heart, my mind, my emotions, and my all. Make me a woman after your heart, your servant, a vessel unto honour.’’

This is the kind of prayer we pray to God from our innocent and sincere hearts. The Lord does answer, but several times we live as opposed to our answers because they do not come the way we expect them to. When we offer prayers like this unto God, it is expedient we know what we are asking for. Who is the king that goes to war without first counting the cost? Knowing what we are praying for reveals that we have, if not perfect, but a little understanding that whatever God is doing is not a child’s play and if we want to be a part of it, then we must know what we are going into. We have been saved by Grace through faith, it is by this same Grace and our continual believing in the power of the gospel of Christ unto our salvation that will make us to be counted worthy of bearing the Kingdom’s mandate.

As females, we are a unique part and the beauty of God’s creation (Genesis 2:18, 21-22), but there are several things that we have been characterised with since after the fall. Men have misconstrued the scripture that says treat the women as of the weaker vessel’’; the society has termed us to be a necessary evil; the world in general does not believe the feminine folk should be recognised; we ourselves have defined ourselves by our emotions, mood swings and all manners of fleshy manifestations (malice, jealousy, looseness in speech, envy, vanity, pride, fornication and adultery) and so in conclusion, we have almost become equal to nothing and an afterthought.

It has always been a pain for men and women alike who have come to the knowledge of the truth to see this trend pass from generation to generation and women being severely maltreated in cases of female circumcision and gender inequality. More so, in a bid to put an end to this distorted treatment of the female, several people rose up for female liberation but ended up in feminism which did not still express divine purpose. The female-man is a help specially provided for the male-man, not only as a wife, but a sister and a friend. She is a joint-partner of the dominion mandate in Genesis 1:26-30 and has equal access to God as the male-man. (1 Corinthians 11:11-12). The female-man is one decked with beauty inside and outside, one who is supposed to be of a meek and quiet spirit and whose adorning is not of the outward appearance (1Timothy 2:9-10). Proverbs 31:10-31 is the example of what the female-man should be.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord” is a statement that came out of an encounter, understanding and willingness to serve the Lord, irrespective of the nature of the service. A handmaid is a female who is sold out to do the bidding of her Master; she is practically a servant.

Luke 1:38

KJV- ‘’And Mary said, Behold the handmaiden of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.

NIV- ‘’I am the Lord’s servant, ‘’Mary answered.’’ May your word to me be fulfilled.’’ Then the angel left her.

MSG- ‘’Yes, I see it all now. I’m the Lord’s maid, ready to serve. Let it be with me just as you say. Then the angel left her.

Do we know what that means? Are we willing to lay down ourselves: ego, beauty, ambitions, dreams, self-worth, fragility, emotions, temperaments and all for the use of our Lord and Master, Christ Jesus? I can tell us that it is not as easy as we pray for it to be, but if we have been saved and desire to be all the Lord wants us to be, it does not matter how tough the process gets, we will always carry our cross and follow wherever He leads.

It is time to arise from our woes, dirt, filth, philosophies, societal stigmas and lies unto who God designed us to be in our various places of influence and capacities as sister, friend, wife or mother. Letting go ourselves, loving the Lord, obeying His instructions at all times, serving the brethren, being the help the Lord has created us to be, working with our hands, spreading the gospel of Christ through our lives-thoughts, words and deeds and being a joy to the Kingdom.


About Mary Joy

Taiwo O. Mary Joy is a Graduate of English Language whose passion is to dispense the Life of Christ in all sphere of relationship and endeavour through Writing, Singing, Public Speaking, and the Media, generally. She teaches English Language and Literature in Secondary School, holds Talks on topical issues, edits and loves baking.
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