What’s in your Frame Space?

I don’t like the picture.” Dayo opposed as he, alongside his friends, sauntered back to their hostel from church after the Sunday Service. 
“It is not that bad.” Bob said and took a glance at the picture on his phone again.

“What do you mean by it’s not that bad. Can’t you see my face in it? I look like I was beaten to a pulp.” Dayo replied aggressively.

“Come on D, it’s your posture for goodness sake. Just stop whining. At least, my hand was cut off too and am not creating a scene over it.” Kay chastised.

“I DON’T like it and I cannot pretend I do, Kay. If you like yours that way, then fine! I won’t take it! Folu is going to upload the picture soon with only me looking like shit.” 

“Okay D, what do you want us to do? We have taken some already and only this and one other appear okay for upload.” Folu chipped in.

“Let’s use the other. I am better in it.” Dayo agreed.

“Heh! Use what? Didn’t you see how  my mouth was opened in the other one? Don’t try it at all.” Diya who has been silent since the argument started suddenly protested.

“Sure! Dayo you know we cannot use that one. Dina’s mouth was opened. This isn’t bad at all. It only made you fatter than your normal self which isn’t a taboo.” Folu pleaded.

“You and Kay can say that because your images came out well. Just cut my image out of the picture and go ahead with the upload. I am not interested anymore.” Dayo said with annoyance and increased his pace. He was hurt. 

The others looked at one another and decided it was better deleting the picture or not uploading at all than losing their friend.

It’s amazing how we so much care about ourselves, about how we look or rather, how others see us. Most times, we forget totally that others exist and it does not matter what’s up with them; all we care about is ‘my self, my family, my job, my face, my career, my home and the numerous ‘mys’ there is’. 

I have had issues with the scripture in Romans chapter 12 verse 10 and many others like it, as the Bible is filled with verses that talk about loving one another, looking on the things of others rather than on ours, etc.

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in love preferring one another;

I have come to understand that we are limited in a way when we look at ourselves. When we look at ourselves, we have planted a mirror in our frame space which can only project what is placed before it. So, the more we think of ourselves, the world, happenings, the more we are filled with ‘self’ and the more we lust after and express the flesh. Hence the question, 

“What’s in your Frame Space?”

A mirror or an open window?

The devil has given us a mirror-‘self’ to look at so as to be able to steal from us, kill and destroy us but the Lord has given us the opportunity to have an open window we can look out through, to see His Love and Grace, His promises unending, His abundant Life to live to His glory and salvation of humanity.

There is no way our self image, worth, ambition, esteem can tell us who we really are or what we are to become. There is only One who knows us perfectly and can make us become who we are meant to be. CHRIST!

2 Corinthians 3:18

But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

The more we look at our selves, the more we see limitations, boundaries we can’t seem to break through, hurdles we can’t cross, how faulty we are, how much we need to measure up and the standards we are not meeting. Sometimes, our optimism or success is measured by the world’s expectation and we do all we can to get a name for ourselves or please certain class and fit into their world. 

Are all these necessary? They are not because the only standard set before humans is the Son Of God who took on flesh and walked the path of righteousness that we can walk in the same way, keeping our gaze on him and our feet on his footprint, then instead of in a mirror, we will be looking out of an open window to see all the possibilities in Christ and journey towards His Glory, even in the midst of the storms of life.

May the Lord help us to continually place Him before us to behold and to become! Amen! 


About Mary Joy

Taiwo O. Mary Joy is a Graduate of English Language whose passion is to dispense the Life of Christ in all sphere of relationship and endeavour through Writing, Singing, Public Speaking, and the Media, generally. She teaches English Language and Literature in Secondary School, holds Talks on topical issues, edits and loves baking.
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